Southern Utah Fall 2013

I am having so much fun with this blog! I’ve been playing around with the layout, have already changed the look of it and will probably be making more changes as I get into this world more. I have been way behind on the road of technology but am slowly coming up to the curve. I still use a flip phone and just bought my very first laptop on Cyber Monday but can see myself catching up, at least to the back of the pack, someday soon. I’ve already figured out how to import photos into a post and write a caption!

on a trip to Italy in the Fall 2012

I took some creative writing classes in college and considered pursuing an MFA but my life took a different path after graduation. I’m excited that this blog is giving me the chance to write; to think about what I want to share and how I want to share it. I’m thinking about where I am in life, what works, what needs to change and how I go about making those changes. I’m turning thoughts and ideas over in my mind while trying to live in the moment, getting done what needs to get done on a daily basis and having fun too. The challenge is putting fingers to keyboard and relaying all of this in a way that I hope others can relate to. The challenge is  to enjoy the act of writing without any expectations and, probably the biggest challenge of all, is to do this without judging myself.

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