Restless in CT

I was feeling restless last week. I couldn’t come up with any reason except the fact that there has been too little exercising and too much eating in my life lately (damn those Christmas cookies). Exercising energizes me and I’ve gotten out of my routine. The simple solution for my restlessness is to move. Run, hit the gym and spin, put my boots on and hike or just walk around my neighborhood. I did meet my group on Saturday for a run through New Haven and felt better immediately. I also felt sore and tired since I’m not in my routine but know that’s temporary. 

Another solution to my restlessness is connecting with friends and the weekend was full of that beginning with the morning run. Bill and I went to a friend’s house on Saturday night to celebrate her birthday with twelve of our closest friends; I’ve known most of them for over thirty years. We have celebrated milestone birthdays and all the ones in between, we’ve mourned the death of a loved one, watched babies grow up and graduate from elementary school then high school then college. We’ve gotten married, some of us (me) have gotten divorced. We’ve supported each other through health issues. In other words I’ve shared my life with these people and they’ve shared theirs with me. On Saturday night we were together to celebrate Andrea’s birthday. There was lots of food and drink and cake of course. But the best part of the night was wandering from person to person and group to group to laugh and joke and laugh some more. The energy level was high. My friends are a wonderful mix of funny, intelligent and thoughtful people who I can be myself with – restless or tearful or silly or bawdy. Saturday night was for silliness and bawdiness, good jokes and bad jokes, old stories retold and new memories made.  My restlessness is gone today.

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