Month: January 2014

Inside vs Outside

When we were kids my sister and I took a weekly ceramic class from a neighbor. There was a long table set up in the middle of her basement where we diligently worked on our projects. Along the walls were shelves of unfired clay in various shapes made from molds; the kiln was […]

Today My Feet were in Redding

Last weekend was cold and icy but on Sunday we managed to go for a short hike at a local park. The ground was covered in snow but cresting the slight inclines were a snap with the new hiking spikes we both got as Christmas gifts. We probably could have done the loop without them […]

When I think back over the past several years of resolutions made or goals I’ve planned on working toward there is one that always tops the list – being more patient. It’s at the top of this year’s list again. My impatience stamps its feet and demands attention in almost every aspect of my […]