Traditions, Inspirations and dating myself

Late 80s? We’re so young!

I’ve been involved in an annual Christmas party with a group of women for twenty plus years. We have been as large as eight and as small as five due to moves, broken bones, surgery (I missed 2004 because of gallbladder surgery), and family illnesses and deaths. It’s hard to even remember the first Christmas party but I know it was in one of our homes. For the first several years one of us hosted although, living in rented rooms and tiny apartments during those years, I doubt it was ever me. Later we started going to restaurants and now we seem to flip back and forth.


Early 90s


This year, like a couple of other years, our annual “girls xmas party” happened in January. Too much to do in December and something to look forward to in January. We were six this year; Margie made a veggie lasagna, roasted cauliflower, spaghetti squash and rolls. We supplied the salad, drinks and desserts. At times the conversation spanned the width of the room and encompassed us all. Other times there were mini discussions among two and three of us. Some of us only see each other at this party so there is always a year’s worth of catching up to do.

“Where are you working?”
“How do you like retirement?”
“How are your parents, sisters, brothers, kids, grandkids, spouse?”
“What else have you been doing?”

And this is where I get inspired. These women, my ‘girls group,’ have been doing incredible things. One of them is involved with Broadway productions and has started her own company. Another is pursuing her interest in storytelling and read us a true story about a frog jumping contest that left me filled with admiration of her writing skills and had me laughing out loud at the subject matter. Someone else is going to Honduras with Habitat for Humanity and has visited Kenya. All of them are well read and keep up with current affairs much more than I do, another perk to hanging out with them is I get caught up with world events. We discussed politics and popular culture (movies, actors, TV shows, theater). We ate and laughed and caught up.


2011. Still looking good ladies!

When I leave these women at the end of the night I always feel full. Not full from my meal although that happens too but full of love and admiration for this group of women. The feeling I get is physical – as if I’ve been nurtured all evening, embraced, nourished, filled up. We are all navigating our way through this life and trying to fulfill ourselves along the way. Responsibilities are met, now what can we do for fun? Thanks ladies for showing me that anything is possible!

Note: I took digital photos of old pictures I had which is why the quality isn’t great.

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