Today My Feet were in Redding

Last weekend was cold and icy but on Sunday we managed to go for a short hike at a local park. The ground was covered in snow but cresting the slight inclines were a snap with the new hiking spikes we both got as Christmas gifts. We probably could have done the loop without them but they definitely helped grip the ground when we needed it.

Today we headed out to Redding for a hike, driving along a winding road dotted with houses built acres apart from one another and the occasional farm. It was warm, no snow in sight, no need for spikes, a welcome change from last weekend. The state park we hiked has several paths; we chose blue.

There were some rocky hills, a water crossing or two, lots of mud, wide open trails, crisp air. We met several people and their dogs, most of them off leash and happy to be out in the woods.

Even though it’s only January today felt like one of those days at the end of Winter when the mud and water give way to new growth and green leaves.

 We may have a few weeks, even months, until then but I’m grateful for the reminder of Spring today.  

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