Vero and West Palm Beach

In late December when the days were short and cold and the holidays were mostly over I called my mom to see if I could visit her in Florida for a few days in January. She was available so I booked my flight for 5 days of sunnier and warmer weather than what we have been experiencing in the northeast. I spent my first night in Vero Beach with friends (thanks Steve and Mindy!) who hosted a dinner party. My visit happened to overlap a couple from CT who were also vacationing in Vero; another friend from CT now living in Vero joined us too making us six. Steve and Mindy grilled chicken and salmon, sweet potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower and tossed a green salad with craisins and almonds. There was pie and ice cream and chocolate cake for dessert. We ate and caught up, laughed a lot. It was as if we had just had dinner together the night or week before. I love that about good friends. We all run and/or cycle and made plans with each other for the following day. Mindy and I went for a run, a glorious run in the sunshine and humidity, weather I haven’t run in since last summer. The others met for a ride. When she lived in CT Mindy and I usually ran on Saturdays along the beach. It was our weekly therapy; we called it our god run because the route hugged the water from West Haven to Milford. This run was no different, the therapy session was helpful and enlightening.

The rest of my time was spent with my mom in West Palm Beach. We got out and did something everyday but the pace was slow. No 6:00 am alarm, no hurrying to get showered and out the door. I drank coffee, ran, had breakfast, read. Mom juiced for us a couple of the mornings and it was yummy.

kale, celery, carrots, ginger, parsley and apple

We had a spa and pool day, we had lunch at Sailfish Marina and afterward watched the fish and seagulls get fed, we took a walking tour of Worth Avenue in Palm Beach and ate at Taboo. It was perfect. I flew home Wednesday night, woke up bright and early for work on Thursday morning and noted the 6 degree temperature when I got in my car. I’ve also noted the days are getting longer. And this weekend was much warmer although cold weather will be returning. We may still be in the midst of winter but my trip south gave me a glimpse and reminder of nicer weather to come.


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  1. Enjoyed your reading your blog. What a beautiful mom you have. You two could be sisters 🙂 It was a fun night with lots of laugher!! Robyn

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