Surviving the winter (if you’re not a fan)

The view down my street
looking the other way

It snowed today and is expected to snow again on Weds. I shouldn’t be surprised, shouldn’t complain since we usually have snow sometime, oftentimes, between Thanksgiving and St Patrick’s Day. I think the snow is beautiful. I don’t mind shoveling and especially like it when I am the only one out on my block. It’s so quiet. The snow muffles all sound and the trees and yards shimmer with their fresh coat of white. And then the plows drive by and neighbors start up their snow throwers and the spell is broken.

Although I don’t mind shoveling and enjoy looking at newly fallen snow the winter months can get me down. The days are shorter (although I notice they are getting longer), it has been very cold and the sun doesn’t shine as bright. A trick I’ve learned from friends is to try and have something to look forward to. It can be a dinner date, movie night, hockey game or a vacation somewhere warm. In December I had my mini vacation to FL to look forward to. Bill’s birthday was on Thursday so we had some celebrating to look forward to on the weekend. 

Last year at an auction fundraiser for New Haven Home Recovery ( I bid on and won an “Experience New Haven” gift basket filled with gift cards to various shops and restaurants. Included were 2 nights in a suite at the Quinnipiac Club. We used one night last July and the other one this past Saturday. Even though the hotel is only ten minutes from my house it was fun to ‘get away.’ The club is very old with a lot of charm and character. The suite was huge with views of the city on three sides. We walked to Howe Street for sushi and reminisced about our first date at the Indian restaurant across the street. My nose wouldn’t stop running that night and I sniffled, blew my nose and used purel on my hands throughout the date. And Bill still called me to go out again!  After dinner we stopped for cookies and coffee as we strolled back to our room. We shared peanut butter cup, macadamia, snickerdoodle and double chocolate cookies, drank our coffee and watched season 3 of Mad Men. At one point I asked Bill if we shouldn’t be out on the town. He was content and so was I so we watched another episode.  


The Dining Room/Living Room of our suite


The King bed was two twins pushed together!

On Sunday morning after breakfast we headed out for another walk. We shopped a little (Bill bought me a pair of earrings) and checked out the British Museum. For some reason I didn’t think I would like it since I prefer American artists but I was very pleasantly surprised. I now want to read up on John Constable and Nicola Hicks. Hicks is a sculptor and seven of her pieces are on exhibit at the museum. Constable was a landscape painter and painted several studies of clouds; I am fascinated with clouds and can look and look at them without tiring.

I tried to capture the clouds while driving in FL (I was a passenger) but wasn’t very successful

We have a Yale/Quinnipiac hockey game to look forward to in a couple of weeks. And we are starting to talk about a summer vacation, possibly a hike in Yellowstone. And there are a few movies I would like to see. Having something to look forward to definitely helps me fight the winter blues.

What are you looking forward to?

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