How I survive winter part 2 (once I can get out the front door)

I just finished shoveling snow…again. It was heavy, loaded down with the rain and sleet that fell at the end of the storm, but as I heaped the snow in piles at the edges of my walk I could see the color of the sky within the white mounds. Pale blue tinted the snow crystals in what I am assuming was caused by the rainfall. Another beautiful landscape. One I admired as I shoveled the snow off the porch and sidewalks, shoveled the snow off the driveway and away from my car so I can get out to get to work in the morning. 

As mentioned in my last post the winter months can drag on just a little too long for me. I am somewhat physically active but do not ski or snowboard, have never snowshoed and haven’t ice skated since I was a kid (I do want to try to ice skate before the winter is over). The icy roads and sidewalks and the unpaved trail that I usually run on prevent me from running outside at times. For me, walking and hiking are the best options after a snow storm but with limited sunlight before and after work I usually do these activities on the weekends only. 

Another way I try to combat the winter blues is by joining a gym. I prefer to be outside but when I can’t be I head indoors. The Y had a special earlier in the year; no sign up fee and one month free. So, I joined for the winter months and will quit when the weather gets a little nicer. I even splurged and bought some training sessions. I’ll work out with the trainer and do cardio by taking classes or using the machines. Working with a trainer helps keep me motivated. I’m learning new strength training moves and getting pushed beyond my comfort zone…something I always ask my trainers to do. Besides the weight room and cardio deck there’s a basketball court and swimming pool. I am not a strong swimmer and even less of a basketball player but am not counting these activities out; it could be fun to get in the water for some laps or run up and down a court and try shooting baskets. 

Whether I’m walking, hiking, spinning, running, lifting, stair climbing or elliptical-ing all of these things help stave off the hum drum of winter. Even though I don’t engage in winter sports I still need to move. In any weather getting a good cardio work out helps lift my mood and it certainly helps in this weather.

Does exercise help lift your mood? 

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