How I got ready for the Oscars

Doesn’t look too crowded in this shot….but it was!

We went ice skating today. I loved skating as a kid. There was a pond near the top of our street where I grew up; I remember many afternoons walking there bundled up against the cold, my skates tied by their laces and slung over my shoulder. The pond was about a quarter mile from home slightly uphill but the walk felt much longer than the five or ten minutes it probably took us to get there. It felt even longer walking home after an afternoon of skating. There were kids like me skating in no particular pattern all over that pond. There were boys who set up nets, broke up into teams and played hockey. And there was usually at least one future figure skater outfitted in tights, skirt and cute sweater who would show off her twirls and jumps to my admiration (and jealousy).

There was no skating on a pond today. Instead we went to a rink since I needed to rent skates. It was mobbed. The rink hosts birthday parties so there were children of all ages and abilities there. I am rusty, to say the least, and it was a challenge maneuvering around young kids skating in the wrong direction or falling in front of me. After a few circles around the rink it started coming back to me and I felt more comfortable on the ice. I had a few encounters with a runaway kid but managed to stay on two skates every time. Skating, like riding my bike, takes me right back to my childhood to a time when I was carefree. I don’t have any bad memories of ice skating, only good. So, while I circled that rink and dodged those little errant skaters I felt that same carefree happiness. I’d like to get more time on the ice before the winter ends. And although the  kids were cute I’m going to see if any of the rinks around me offer adult only skate time.

My dad was ill the last couple of weeks but is much better now. My sister was in PA, where dad lives, for the better part of two weeks to help sort things out for him. I didn’t do much but field some phone calls and visit one day but it’s been an emotional two weeks. Grateful that dad is feeling better and got good care…from my sister and his health care providers. 


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  1. The picture of the three of you is so nice. I am sure your father is forever grateful for your care and compassion. I am SUPER proud to say I am Mom to such fabulous women. The ice skating brought back fond memories of the four of you rushing off to the pond for some winter fun. The first time I tried to ice skate after many years I was NOT successful. The ice and I met too many times, so I quit. Keep it up. The smile on your face tells how much you are enjoying it!xoxoxo

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