Weekend in Vermont

Last weekend Bill and I went to VT with our friends, Tom and Jana. There was plenty of snow and some ice too. We drove up on Friday evening stopping on the way in Massachusetts for dinner. We were joined by an Italian water dog named Buoy who Tom and Jana were watching for the week. 

Most of the weekend, when we were outside, the conversation started with the question, “did Buoy pee?” Can that dog hold it!  Buoy didn’t pee the entire trip North on Friday night; not when we all met at the commuter lot to make the drive in one car and she had the chance, not when we got to the restaurant and she had another chance, not before we left the restaurant and not when we arrived at Ascutney missing out on two more chances. Thus “did Buoy pee?” was asked often. Yes, she did, finally. I think all the snow was throwing her off her game.

Tom getting ready to ski

On Saturday morning we drove over to Okemo Mountain to Dan and Kate’s house so some of the group could ski. This was my first time meeting them and as we walked into the kitchen we were greeted warmly by our hosts and invited to sit down to fresh fruit, pancakes and coffee. Jana had driven back down the mountain returning with delicious old fashion donuts rolled in sugar. Also greeting us besides Dan, Kate, and their other house guests were a chocolate lab named Clementine and a long haired dachsund named Charlotte. The three dogs got busy playing and we all took turns making a fuss over them.

Bill with Charlotte, Buoy (did she pee?) and Clementine

Tom, Dan, Molly and John went skiing and the rest of us went snow shoeing. This was my first time in snow shoes and I loved it; I now have another winter sport, besides ice skating, that I want to continue with. It was beautiful hiking thru the woods, peaceful, my feet skimming along the top of the two feet of snow. Even with the group of us talking and the dogs bounding ahead of us barking the sounds seemed muted. Being surrounded by trees and snow was like being enveloped in our own private world away from civilization. It was a lovely place to be. There was a path already cut so some of the work was done for us but we still got our heart rates up. At one point, as we were making our way back I had gotten ahead of the group and noticed I was dragging my right foot. I didn’t think I had worked too hard or was too tired to not be able to lift my shoe. I had probably only taken a couple of steps before noticing the extra effort I was making. I turned around to make sure my shoe was still in place and there was Buoy with her front paws on my right snow shoe! (And, yes, Buoy peed several times during our outing).

I can’t wait to go snow shoeing again. The way this winter has been I might have another opportunity yet even if today is the first day of Spring. When we got back to the warmth of the house, we ate some light snacks and turned to the internet to check emails, sports scores and theater reviews. Later when we looked down at the floor next to the kitchen table someone had peed on the rug! None of us had seen anything or noticed a dog squatting nearby. Hmm, did Buoy pee? (I am not blaming Buoy, it could have been any of them!)
Another wonderful weekend spent with friends, new and old. Thank you all for your hospitality!
with Clementine, Kate, Heather and Jana


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  1. Could feel the beauty and serenity of the woods covered in snow. Felt the joy and comfort of friendship in the pictures. Thanks for sharing. I spent a few minutes snow shoeing through the mountains of Vermont with all of you and enjoyed it. xoxoMom

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