Just a bump in the road

random road in Italy

After ice skating for the first time in years and snow shoeing for the first time ever this winter I thought about how nervous I was. Getting on the ice for that first skate made me freeze; it had nothing to do with the temperature and everything to do with my fear.

“What if I just stand here unable to move, blocking everyone’s entrance to the rink?”
“What if I can’t stop?”
“What if I fall and hurt myself, hurt someone else, embarrass myself?”
“What if I can’t do this?”
“What if _______________________ (fill in the blank).

None of those scenarios came to pass. I wobbled into the rink, inched around it for a couple of laps of awkward and nervous skating, then started to feel a little more comfortable and at ease. I didn’t master backward skating, twirls or jumps but I stayed upright and didn’t injure myself or anyone else. And I had a blast. Success!

going up and over

I had the same feeling snow shoeing. After strapping the shoes to my boots and walking out of the garage I was confronted with a mound of snow that had been plowed off the driveway. It was probably about 2 1/2′ to 3′ high but might as well have been 30′. I could have walked the length of the drive looking for an easier entrance to the backyard which led to the trails but where was the fun and adventure in that? Instead I braced myself and started the short climb up and over that mound of snow. Feeling clumsy in the unfamiliar shoes made me panic for a second or two.

“What if I can’t navigate over this little hill of snow?”
“What if I fall and hurt myself or embarrass myself?”
“What if I can’t do this?”
“What if ______________________ (fill in the blank).

Again, none of my fears were realized and once I got over the initial fear of failure I went on to enjoy a lovely walk thru a snow covered landscape with friends and dogs. And I had a blast. Success!

These two events taught me something. I am faced with an obstacle, large or small but usually small, become fearful then forge ahead. I may not know how to navigate thru a difficult, uncomfortable or painful situation, may fall and embarrass myself but ultimately go thru it. Success!  If I can remember, like skating and now snowshoeing, that I have some past experience to draw on and have learned a thing or two along the way then, really, they’re all just bumps in the road.

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