Every Wall is a Door




Rock wall, Southern Utah

I have a small rectangle paperweight on my bedroom dresser with Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote. It’s a nice daily reminder that opportunities to learn and grow exist where none appear to.  For every wall I’ve encountered I’ve usually been fortunate to find the door. It may not be the door I thought I would find, the opportunity I thought I would take, the lesson I thought I would learn, but when I walk through it I am surprised to learn (sometimes days, weeks, months later) it was exactly the door I needed to find. And the outcome is usually better than anything I could have dreamed of at the time of my search.



Pretty wall and door, Lake Maggiore, Italy


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  1. Is that you, Jill? That’s the challenge and struggle for me…remembering that when it looks like I’ve come up against a wall it really is a door and all I have to do is find it and walk through. Easier said than done!

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