Rain, Wind, Sun in South Beach


cloudy and overcast look toward the beach

My sister, mom, aunt and I spent a long weekend in South Beach celebrating mom’s birthday.  We experienced a range of weather from torrential rain, thunder and lightning to overcast skies and, finally, sun!  None of that mattered; we were together celebrating. In South Beach. I’ll share a few stories later…here a few photos of our trip.  Thanks Liz!  Thanks Auntie!  Thanks Mom!  Love you all!!!

IMG_2236 (2)

The rain stopped, the wind stayed.


Blue skies and heavy winds

We celebrated mom’s birthday with cake…..everyday!  Chocolate cake!  There was a piece of chocolate cake and a balloon in her room at check in. The staff gave her a piece of chocolate cake and three balloons on her birthday. The wait staff presented her with a piece of chocolate cake at dinner that night.


Birthday cake # 3

IMG_2248 (3)

Two sister……and two sisters


view of the city from my window

This was our second trip to South Beach; last year we celebrated my aunt’s birthday the same way. We had a great time, lots of laughs and new memories made. And food….lots of food. Too much food. Definitely too much chocolate cake if one can have too much chocolate anything.

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