Raised Structure Ahead


It started last week – the road I use to get to work once I exit the parkway is being resurfaced. The first day’s ride from the exit to my building’s driveway took about 15 minutes, a drive that normally takes about two. Orange diamond shaped construction signs are smattered along the short drive stating “Raised Structure.” There are many raised structures and I need to pay attention. Some are smack in the middle of the lane and I can drive right over them, my wheels straddling the matching orange painted manhole covers. Some are closer to the middle of the road and I need to swing to the right. And others are near the curb and I need to bear to the left.

Many mornings I’m on autopilot when I commute to work, not completely aware of my surroundings beyond the car in front of me or the car behind me waiting to pass. But for those few minutes I need to focus to avoid hitting a raised structure, one that’s right in front of me but one I could easily miss if the road wasn’t grooved, my car bouncing along its jagged surface, forcing me to slow down and look.  Just a morning reminder to pay attention, stay in the moment and keep looking forward. Oh, and be flexible.

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