Tomatoes and Peppers and Squash, Oh My!

IMG_2259 (2)

I started planting vegetables in my little garden this weekend. I started here and am excited to see what I can harvest this year. The space is small and almost to capacity. To the far right is a row of peppers, green bell, red bell and jalapeno. Left of the peppers, surrounded by wire, are two types of tomatoes. Zucchini lines the fence line and yellow squash, white and purple eggplant are front left and center. A cucumber plant will complete my DIY raised bed.


Basil and Parsley

Since the lot is so small I’m planting herbs in pots on my deck. Basil and Parsley are sharing a large pot. Cilantro and oregano are left to be purchased and planted. We’ll see what else catches my eye at the nursery when I go back for these. A rabbit lives in my backyard under the deck. She had at least one baby that I’ve seen; the two hop around my yard, stopping to munch on leaves, grass and weeds. They’ve gotten used to cohabiting and don’t run off at first sight of me. I’m hoping they don’t hop right into my garden or right into a pot of herbs. If they do I’m willing to share but hope they leave some for me. They haven’t bothered with flowers or vegetables in the past, I hope the trend continues.

IMG_2269 (2)

As mentioned before in this post I got the idea of planting vegetables in 2012; this will be my third year and I’ve been learning as I go. I have gladly taken advise from my neighbors who have two raised beds and lots of garden experience, friends and co-workers with, again, more experience than me and anyone else who has offered it. Past experience has shown me that one little plant yields enough vegetables for my consumption as well as enough to give away. I think the crops I’ve chosen to plant are hardy ones; I’ve been lucky with tomatoes, peppers and eggplant in years past and hope for the same good luck with green and yellow squash.

One of the things I’ve wanted to do for the last several years is some kind of garden/landscape work. I don’t have any experience and have no idea what that kind of work entails but the physical labor appeals to me. Digging in soil and getting my hands dirty, sweating in the hot sun to produce a beautiful lawn, flower bed or vegetable patch seems so rewarding. This garden, one that has been developing over the last three years, one that will hopefully grow from its 10′ x 4′ size to maybe something a little bigger and more permanent elsewhere in my yard, is my entry level attempt at gardening.

IMG_2260 (2)

I’ve already started my next project; I met with someone to help me landscape my yard. I’ll be writing a separate post on that.






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  1. Glad you are having fun getting your hands in the soil and getting a product that benefits you and you will enjoy. Keep up meeting those challenges of forging forward even when you are not totally sure of “how to”. Good for you Ger!

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