Best of Saturday and Sunday – NYC Part 2

IMG_2329 (2)

After a few mishaps getting into NYC we were ready to enjoy the city to the fullest. We met Jana’s business partner, Greg, and their assistant, Colin, for brunch at Joe Allen’s.  We ordered eggs, chicken sandwiches, Thai stew. One of the salads shared combined matchstick cut beets, apples, kale, carrots, goat cheese and a sesame vinaigrette.  I don’t like beets, someone else didn’t like kale. The waitress heard us talking and said jokingly “it’s full of nothing we like but tastes amazing” and she was right.  Maybe is was the sesame dressing that pulled it all together.

After lunch, and a quick chai latte, Jana, Joanne and I saw a matinee performance of “Once.” I had a vague idea about the show, thought it was a love story, didn’t know it was set in Ireland.  It was very good, bittersweet, the talented performers wonderful. They all sang, danced and played instruments. The story line made me think about times in my life when I’ve crossed paths with someone, had a conversation with them that excites me and motivates me to do something, then never see them again. It’s happened a few times that I can remember. I think some people are meant to come into our life for a period of time, sometimes very short, sometimes one day to help us change and grow and learn something. This is what I thought about as I was leaving the theater.

IMG_2333 (3)


Afterward, we walked. And walked. We stopped at Greg’s apartment, hung out on the rooftop terrace and took photos. What a view, the city sprawled out around us.

IMG_2340 (3)IMG_2339 (3)


IMG_2335 (2)


IMG_2338 (2)

Our walk continued to the lower West Side where we picked up the High Line, a linear park created where the El used to be. We sat on a park bench for a little while watching people stroll by hand in hand, pushing baby carriages, talking, posing for pictures, smelling flowers. After awhile we joined the crowd and walked the mile or so to the end stopping too to smell the flowers or take a picture or read a plague. The weather was perfect, cooler than it had been all day, the sky blue.


IMG_2344 (2)

old railroad is still in place

IMG_2347 (2)

a park in the thick of the city

IMG_2349 (2)


IMG_2348 (2)

We ate dinner in Little Italy, sat at a table on the sidewalk and watched the beautiful and the damned pass by. Tourists took pictures of, and tipped,  a man with a black cat perched on top of his head and a man in a giant cannoli suit.  Maybe that’s what gave us the idea to split one for dessert.


After our full day we hailed a cab back to our hotel.  Sunday morning was for walking in Central Park, brunch and packing up for home.  Another memory making weekend with two of my favorite people.

IMG_2324 (2)

in front of our hotel



















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    • Thanks for your comment. I love NY and am headed back for a little get away Monday and Tuesday. No firm plans, will see what we decide to do when we get there. Do you still live in the Bronx and do you get into Manhattan much?

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