The Learning Curve Continues

This weekend was the first time I was able to focus on planting more flowers around the deck.  This is where I started a few weeks ago. What was a clean slate is now anchored with roses on three sides. I’ll be filling in the space between the roses with flowers but this weekend I focused on creating a border of  flowers on the side that’s bare.

IMG_2357 (3)

At the nursery I walked through aisles of  temporarily potted flowers waiting to be planted; flowers needing full sun, flowers needing shade, flowers needing partial sun/shade, ground cover flowers, climbing flowers, decorative grasses, succulents. Feeling slightly overwhelmed I walked up and down those aisles several times putting pots in my carriage then taking them out when something else caught my eye. After meeting with Dawn from Forager Farms I know enough about the type of  flowers that will flourish in the space but am still intimidated. I have to tell myself it’s only a garden, only flowers, they can be pulled out and moved now, next year, whenever. I’m learning and having fun, I remind myself, don’t forget to have fun!

IMG_2361 (2)

Lillies, Coneflowers, Daisies – Keeping it Simple!

IMG_2362 (2)For each one I dug a hole, mixed in a little fertilizer spiked potting soil and set the plant in. I’ll probably weed out all the grass around them but, for now, I wanted to get everything in the ground.  I hope what I’ve done so far will grow into the vision I have in my head but if it doesn’t I know I can add, remove and ask for help.

IMG_2376 (3)IMG_2378 (2)IMG_2381 (2)I

I planted a tiny garden in May and thought I’d share some photos to show its progress.  I’ve added cucumbers. Twice. Someone ate three of the four I originally planted so I planted three more this weekend. I was ready to buy a fancy ladder or lattice for my cucumbers to climb, assuming they survive the rabbit who lives under my deck, but the owner assured me anything cone shaped would do.  I took the extra tomato cones and stuck them over each little plant. Here’s hoping.

IMG_2366 (2)

Everything is growing, slowly but surely

IMG_2367 (2)


IMG_2369 (2)

Yellow Squash, front and center

IMG_2375 (2)

Basil and Parsley

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