Road Trip

IMG_2394 (3)My coworkers and I took a road trip to East Longmeadow, MA to see off a customer who’s retiring.  We took her to lunch, talked a bit about work and a lot about travel. She’s just back from a trip to Italy, I went in 2012. We compared trips, noting our favorite towns (Sorrento for her, tough call for me).  I remembered walking through the cobblestone alleyways in Sorrento, ducking into souvenirs shops, the smell of lemons hanging in the air; she told us her hotel room backed up to a lemon grove. We talked about our buses powering up the steep, narrow, windy roads of the Amalfi Coast with nothing on one side of us but a rock wall, the other a steep drop off to more rock and water. Frightening  for us, routine for our drivers.

IMG_1284 (3)

view of the Amalfi Coast from our bus window

She’s cruised through Alaska, three people I know have gone this year, and was lucky enough to witness glacier calving (a term she had to explain to me). She just booked next year’s river cruise on the Danube starting in Budapest and ending somewhere in Germany. I’d like to take a guided bike tour through Croatia someday.  I talked about our hiking trip through Yellowstone we’ve got planned for August.  It’s always nice to hear about other’s vacation plans, gives me food for thought for future trips.

On our way back to the office I snapped a few photos of the sky. It was warm and clear, blue skies with some airy clouds. I’ve mentioned my fascination with clouds before, they calm me, slow me down, I take notice long enough, maybe, to stay in the moment.

IMG_2395 (3)


IMG_2400 (3)

IMG_2397 (5)

View from car’s back seat





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    • I did! Unbelievable. We took a 14 day bus tour from Lake Cuomo to Venice to the Amalfi Coast to Rome (and about 11 cities along the way). The idea that commuters walk past the ruins, Colosseum, Pantheon in Rome everyday is crazy. I wonder if they even notice them after awhile. Made me take note of my surroundings. Thanks for you comment!

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