Equal Parts

New Haven wrapped up their two-week Arts and Ideas festival on Saturday; Friday night we made our way downtown to Trinity Church, across from the green, where this woman’s installation piece, Equal Parts, is being exhibited.  Mackenzie is the daughter of a friend of mine, I’ve known her her entire life and have kept up with her through her mom. We hung out during the reception, talked to Mackenzie about her work and how she came to create it.

IMG_2458 (2)IMG_2452

Left side and Right side of Equal Parts created from 8300 straws to form somewhere along the lines of 2700 triangles attached and suspended in the empty space on either side of the church doors.  Each triangle was created and pieced together by color then arranged and installed per her vision.

looking in

looking in


IMG_2460 (2)

Talking to someone who creates, whether it’s music, art, photography or a DIY project always inspires me, gives my mind a boost, makes me think “what can I create?” I have varied interests and can easily become consumed in whatever the craft du jour is for a few days, weeks, even months. The problem, if one can call it a problem, is never staying with an interest long enough to develop it from hobby to occupation. Or, are there only a fortunate few who make the transition. I read a lot and love to write, thought I’d earn an MFA in Creative Writing after graduating from college; instead I got married, bought a house, started earning an income. I know I can always take writing courses or any other courses that interest me (thinking I need a photography course, stat), but until this blog I did very little writing over the years. I know hard work, determination, persistence and focus are needed, not sure I have what it takes to make the leap. For now, I’ll be satisfied being a jack of all trades, master of none. But in the future…Who knows?



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