Growth happens slowly

IMG_2497 (3)


IMG_2500 (3)

No tomatoes….yet

The vegetables in my tiny plot of dirt are starting to grow. I started here  in late May and have been tending to them daily. I water, I weed, I inspect the leaves and look for growth daily. Something, perhaps the resident bunny, may have eaten a pepper or two but left some for me. I hadn’t noticed any major differences in the plants in the first few weeks but can now see the progress. Of course there’s been progress all along, difficult to notice when looking for it daily, but if I compare the photos I’ve been taking weekly I can see it.

IMG_2505 (3)

Squash – last week

IMG_2504 (3)

Squash – last week

This past weekend - all those flowers are going to be squash

This past weekend – all those flowers are going to be squash

I can learn a thing or two  from my garden. Personal growth comes slowly for me and usually goes unnoticed until after the fact, after I’ve accomplished that thing, after I’ve considered another point of view, after I’ve learned something. It’s almost always brought to my attention later when I’m rehashing whatever the thing is with someone else. Relationships of any kind – family, work, romantic – are my biggest challenge and where I can see the most growth over time. Plenty of times I fall back on old habits and wish I wouldn’t, that’s part of it. Sometimes I’ll take three steps forward and two steps backward – still one step ahead! Progress is slow but if I tend to my own journey the way I tend to my garden on a daily basis I might grow, each day ever so slightly, too.

blurry shot of sweet pepper

blurry shot of sweet pepper

IMG_2524 (3)

left to right – Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers

IMG_2523 (3)

Green and yellow squash, white and purple eggplant


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