I chose blue

IMG_2577 (3)

Selfie – at the start of our hike

IMG_2586 (3)

I wrote yesterday that we were going for a hike at Sleeping Giant last night. After meeting at my house we quickly changed into shorts and t-shirts and headed out for the ten minute drive.  It was hot and humid, the mosquitos out in full force, but as we ascended through the woods we were met with a nice breeze. I still came home a sweaty mess but the air was pleasant; maybe it was due to the thunder-storm that rolled in later last night bringing cooler temps.

IMG_2579 (3)

IMG_2581 (4)

looking up

We chose the blue trail and started out alone but quickly ran into other groups. A trio of college aged women came up from behind discussing whether or not one of them had healthier hair as a blond or brunette. I didn’t look back, don’t know what her hair color was or if it looked healthy or not.

IMG_2584 (3)

The first time I ever scrambled down this little rock face it took me close to 10 minutes! I’m faster now. No problem for Bill

We next came across a young couple standing to the side of the trail, the woman hanging on to a thick tree branch. I thought they were coming down the trail, thought they were kindly moving out of the way to give me room to pass. I realized they were on their way up, like us, but must have underestimated the climb and seemed to be contemplating their next move…onward or back where they had come from. I figured this out when another young guy who was clamoring up the rock face ahead of me kept looking back and yelling to them in Spanish. He eventually found even ground and sat to wait.

IMG_2593 (3)

Quinnipiac University at the bottom of Sleeping Giant

We passed a few other groups, their voices carrying through the trees after they were no longer in our sight. The faint sound of cars driving on the roads below drifted up as well reminding us we weren’t very far from a busy intersection surrounded by strip malls with pizza joints, nail salons and other various businesses.

IMG_2602 (3)

all trails lead to the tower

top of the tower

top of the tower

We usually hike to the end of the blue trail but got a later start and had to head back to the car after reaching the tower. We backtracked on blue and ended up on yellow after picking up red for a bit. Quick showers and dinner ended another summer day.


Note: I was fiddling with my camera and changed some settings which I know have to figure how to re-set.






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  1. You are just too cute Ger. I just love the headgear. Looked very strenuous. Makes my 1/2 mile walk this AM that left me panting look meager. Great pictures. I really enjoyed the hike as I sat in my comfy living chair, with the air conditioner full blast and a glass of ice with coke! Oh well next time I will venture walking around my community twice for 1 mile! These things come slowly. Can’t rush them.

    • Ha Ha! I remember when you used to practically sprint around the block and I could barely keep up! You can definitely build up to a mile…and more! We do get a good workout though and it’s nice being out in the woods rather than a gym.

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