Lunch at the dock

IMG_2648 (3)

We met my sister and brothers for lunch today. The restaurant was along the shore next to a boat dock; the food was very good, the weather great, the company the best. When we all get together, after we catch up with each other’s life, we tell the same old jokes and tease each other about the same things we’ve been teasing each other about for years. And we laugh like it’s the first time any of us have heard any of it.

IMG_2645 (3)

One of my brothers and sister, my other brother was camera-shy

IMG_2641 (4)

After our shared lunch of steamers, whole belly clams, fried calamari, lobster rolls, french fries and onion rings we took a quick stroll around back to check out the blue sky and docked boats. It’s rare the four of us (and Bill and my sister-in-law) can all meet; when we do we work at not talking at the same time or cutting each other off.  My siblings and I work at this, Bill and my sister-in-law don’t have the problem. We did a good job today, each taking our turn to recount a funny story while the rest of us listened.

lobster pots

lobster pots


IMG_2658 (4)

IMG_2656 (3)

I’m always grateful when we can all be in the same place at the same time. Thanks for lunch everyone!

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  1. Wow Mom can’t wipe the smile off her face seeing all of her chickadees together in such a beautiful place having a good time. Laughed at the part that all of you let Bill and Sandy have a chance to talk. I raised you right! lol I always tell everyone that when we all get together it is like an energy vortex. Looked like a perfect day.

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