Sand Art

IMG_2700 (2)


IMG_2701 (2)

Another angle

Every July, in the local paper, I see photos showcasing the talent in the annual sand art competition at a beach in my hometown. Every July, when I see those photos, I remark that I want to go next year. The competition was this past Saturday and I finally got there and I wasn’t disappointed.

IMG_2713 (2)

Hard at work on See No Evil

IMG_2732 (2)

Sand Castle, turtle in the background

Right before we left the house I contemplated changing from the skirt I was wearing into jeans and am glad I didn’t. I’m not sure what I thought I would be walking on when I got there but didn’t anticipate kicking off my sandals to walk in sand and surf which is exactly what happened once I was off the boardwalk and on the beach. The beach was crowded with sunbathers and people like us who were there to see the art. We arrived about thirty minutes before the judges were scheduled to walk from sand creation to sand creation and already the tide was coming in. I heard someone say it happens every year but Bill and I wondered if the winds affected the tide more than anyone expected. With shoes in our hands we walked along the shoreline first then waded out to the other spots in time to see everyone’s masterpiece before the water started washing parts of them away. The details and intricacies the artists put into their work was impressive.

IMG_2723 (2)


IMG_2728 (2)

Sandaled foot

As the tide came in we watched the water first swirl around the sand art then slowly, then not so slowly, wash over them. Some of the taller ones lost their lower drawbridges and paws and tails first as the small waves lapped against the castles and turtles and sea monsters ; for others the sound washed right over them leaving big blobs of wet sand. I’m sure this happens every year, is what everyone expects, but I was sad to see all that hard work and effort getting washed away within the hour, give or take, that we were there. I wish there was some way to divert the waves rolling in, some way to leave the sand art intact for a little longer, some way to hold off high tide. But, like a lot of things in life, nothing can be done to avoid it.

IMG_2724 (3)

Hercules surrounded by the tide

IMG_2765 (2)

Sitting on her turtle as the tide comes in around them

We didn’t stick around to see who won, I’ll have to read about it in the local paper, but my vote went to each and every one of them.

IMG_2777 (3)

Wading in the sound

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