Making the most of 15 vacation days each year

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overnight stay right in New Haven. 0 vacation days used

Technically this year I have 17 vacation days since I rolled over 2 from last year. I’m not sure why I didn’t use them then but happy to have them now. My friend, Jana, booked a night at the Manhattan Club for this coming Monday as part of her time share; since she’s out of the country she won’t be using it and asked if Bill and I wanted the room. I quickly checked my copies of approved vacation forms filed away in my desk to do the calculations. As it turns out, counting what I’ve already taken and upcoming trips, I still have 3 1/2 days to spend so I made a quick call to Bill who said “sure” and confirmed back to Jana we’d take it (thanks Jana!). We’re going to work Monday morning, leaving at noon; I’ll be using 1 1/2 vacation days.

Another trip that presented itself recently is a weekend getaway to Orlando in September to see another friend of mine. Bridget, who I had a weekly dinner date with for about six years, moved to Fresno, CA last October with her husband. She’s in the medical field , will be attending a conference in FL so we made plans to meet there.  Since Bridget moved I’ve been trying to figure out a way to see her for a long weekend but Fresno’s really too far to swing it; this opportunity came up and I jumped. I’ll be flying out on a Saturday, home on Tuesday, using two vacation days.

2 different trips to Florida for long weekends

2 different trips to FL for long weekends

Usually Bill and I know we are going to take a week-long trip somewhere during the year. I also normally go away for a few days with my mom, sister and, more recently, aunt.  This past winter, before the four of us met in South Beach, I flew down to FL to visit my mom in West Palm Beach and spend a night with good friends in Vero. Allocating those eight or nine days at the start of the New Year still leaves me with six or seven (this year eight or nine) days to play around with.

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long weekends in Boston, Adirondacks, VT, NY

This past winter we went snowshoeing in Vermont, leaving on a Friday afternoon; In June I went to NYC on our girl’s annual trip, using 1/2 vacation day. Last year Bill and I went to Boston for a three-day weekend and hiked in the Adirondacks for another long weekend. Those 1/2 days or single full days taken on a Friday or a Monday to extend the weekends are nice and,at the end of the year, I feel as though I’ve done allot.

I like to have something fun planned, something to look forward to. Several short trips throughout the year away from home, away from my normal routine, allow me lots of new experiences and adventures and keeps me from getting bored, keeps me from dreading long stretches of time before that next big vacation.

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snow, hills, dinner

When I started working at this job I took a one week cut in my vacation time, from having four weeks off to three, but by spreading out the days throughout the year it’s worked out fine. Since it’s unlikely I’ll be rolling over any of this year’s vacation days into 2015 I’ll have to be a little more aware of time taken off…..but that’s next year. This year I still have a day and a half to burn through…I’m sure I’ll find a fun way to spend it.


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