Not a bad way to end a week night

I got home tonight and threw together a quick dinner that included sautéed zucchini. My garden is popping with them, I’ll be eating green squash in one form or another most nights from here on in. I’m amazed how fast they grow. I’ll check them in the morning, decide to give it another day and come home to what looks like a small baseball bat. I’ve picked several cucumbers and have at least three more that I’ll be harvesting tomorrow. Same for sweet frying peppers and yellow squash. I tossed the first white eggplant, it had a couple of holes in it (insects?) but another one is coming in nicely, no flaws that I can see. I’ve picked one red tomato so far and see two more turning. I’m waiting on the purple eggplant and bell peppers but can track progress with both.

PicMonkey CollageI ate my dinner on the deck lounging in an adirondack chair, plate balanced in my lap, water bottle on the arm. It was quiet enough to hear the baby next door fussing and her parents trying to sooth her, talking to her in that sing-song way we do with infants. Birds flew from fence picket to tree branch to garage roof. Squirrels raced along the back chain fence, making their way across the yard’s width. I looked for, but didn’t see, the rabbit. I ate my dinner, looked around my yard and thought “it could be worse, it could definitely be worse,” I reflected on my uneventful day for a few more minutes then got up, went inside and started my nightly routine, getting ready for the work day tomorrow.



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  1. Rather than it could be worse, my first thought was “It can’t get better”! Your garden is just awesome. Your little rabbit thief must have a full belly!

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