Here we are, Sunday

Last Sunday found us hiking through a meadow in Wyoming. We followed a clear path a good part of the way until it wasn’t clear but overgrown; we bushwacked through tall grass in a single file until we came upon a pond where we stopped to eat lunch. We noshed on chick peas in peanut sauce wraps made for us that morning, chips and chocolate; there were ample snacks on our treks and always a supply of chocolate in cookie or candy form. There’s only so far I’ll go to rough it.




We were in bear country and I was hoping to spot one. We each carried bear spray for the duration of our trip and got a quick tutorial on what to do should we encounter one. We hiked close together, sang songs and generally made noise so as not to surprise an unsuspecting grizzly or black bear. Earlier in our hike we stepped over bear scat and passed bear markings on a tree; I would have walked right past it if it hadn’t been pointed out to us. The idea of seeing a bear may have been more appealing than actually seeing one but the chance to test the theory never presented itself. I’m not disappointed, saw more than enough wildlife, plant life and beautiful landscape to make up for it.


Today, Sunday, we walked our usual route along the shoreline. We started downtown, walked through neighborhoods on sidewalks that led to the beach then walked along the boardwalk that cuts through the sand and Sound on one side and tidal marsh on the other. Bill and I talked about our trip, the pros of hiring someone to lead our hikes (I think we saw a lot more ‘back country’), whether or not we want to hike the White Mountains in the winter (it’ll be really cold), where we want our next adventure to take place (no decisions made). Different feel to today’s walk from last Sunday’s but still connecting with nature and each other and just as nice.


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  1. oh ger it looks like you had such a wonderful time,I camped in the grand tetons is that where the pictures are from. I love the blog, Jo

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