I’m running but I haven’t done the training

I’m planning on running the annual New Haven Labor Day race on Monday. The distance is 20K, 12.4 miles and this year will make it my 14th. It’s called a race because elite runners come and compete for prize money, a feat I have never, ever, ever, ever thought about doing. This year my goal is to keep my ego in check, have fun and get a long run in with a bunch of my friends.

In years past I was usually training for a Fall marathon and would be logging miles most mornings before work. When Labor day rolled around I was ready for my (middle of the pack) run. I’m not running a marathon this Fall, am finding it hard to get motivated to run in the mornings and have logged a lot less mileage since the beginning of 2014. In contrast to other years when I would only ever run I am biking, hiking and walking; I think this is what one might call balance, a trait I struggle with, a trait I’m becoming acquainted with.

On Monday, I expect to get out of the run what I’ve put into it. And, honestly, I’ve done a mediocre job so I’ll expect mediocre results. It’s been a couple of runs a week including a longer run on the weekends. And this is where my ego comes in and the things I’ll be telling it.

‘You can’t expect to get the same results you’ve gotten in years past given your training.’

‘Be grateful you can still run.’

‘Enjoy catching up with your running buddies.’

‘Feel the energy all around you.’

‘Soak up the crowd support as you run through the different neighborhoods.’

‘Smile and thank the volunteers.’

‘Have fun!’

If I remember to tell myself all of the above, remain grateful for legs that will carry me for 12+ miles, smile and have fun and let go of any expectations I’m sure to be a winner.


with the gang in New Haven last year

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  1. Good going Ger. Persevere. I will see you succeeding in my mind’s eye as u did that time when I watched u in Florida.

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