Orlando – never thought I’d see you again

When I was married my ex and I vacationed in Disney World often, as in yearly and sometimes twice a year. Besides spending our own honeymoon in the magic kingdom in 1994 we met up with his daughter and son-in-law on their honeymoon there in 1997 and probably went another six to eight times during a ten-year period. I never understood his devotion to the parks, he never really said much more than he loved it there, but I went along for the ride every time.

Getting our trip planned always felt like work, even more so once we were in Orlando. We’d get up early to be at the gates before they opened; I can still see my ex, from behind, walking fast and with purpose into the park once those gates swung open. There were no breaks in the afternoon to go back to the hotel to rest or swim, we went from attraction to attraction, from theme park to theme park, from morning til night. After four, five, six days of this I’d arrive home exhausted, hoping that was our last trip to the place ‘where dreams come true’ forever. It never was. To be fair we did take a couple of cruises later in our marriage but the majority of our vacations were spent with Mickey Mouse and his friends.

I have no desire to go back, I’ve had my fill. I want to see the rest of the country and as much of the world as I can with the limited time I have off.

When my friend, Bridget, who moved to Fresno with her husband last October told me she would be in Orlando for a conference this Fall I thought of those trips from my old life, how I’d never planned to visit there again and promptly said “I’ll meet you there.”  Mickey and the gang are not in our plans, laying by the pool, exercising and bringing each other up to date on the last year of our life face to face is. I’m so looking forward to seeing Bridget. We went out to dinner every Thursday night when she lived here and I miss our dates. We talk on the phone, text and email but it’ll be wonderful to see each other.

I have a full, rich life. I’m grateful to see this, to know this and to grab the opportunities when they present themselves. Orlando, can’t wait to see you!


See you Saturday B!!



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