Another evening ending in a live show

IMG_3430 (2)

fuzzy photo, I was across the lawn trying to zoom

I saw these guys perform live on Monday night. I attended an informal ‘meet and greet’ in my friends back yard. It didn’t hurt that their house butts up to Long Island Sound, their back yard graduating from grassy lawn to rock ledge large enough to fit a picnic table and chairs to sandy beach to water’s edge. The day started out sunny but as evening approached clouds came out to cover the sky and the wind picked up. I was wearing a sleeveless dress and 4″ spike heels, neither appropriate for a backyard soiree. I was cold, even wrapped in a (lightweight) sweater, and had the continual sensation of falling backward as my heels sunk into the soft ground.

On the menu was wine and seltzer, cheese and crackers and sushi. I ate a lot of sushi and my fair share of cheese and crackers. About fifty people were expected, not sure what the final count was, to learn about progress at The Legacy Theater. I attended a fund-raiser earlier this year and will be going to another event next week but Monday night was casual, low-key and an opportunity to see some of my friends.

After a quick update we were entertained by Douglas and Ethan who converted the back porch to their very own stage. Douglas sang, Ethan accompanied on guitar and keyboard. Of course they were incredible. Afterward, they mingled with us, their fans, and I got the chance to talk to Douglas, who is originally from New Haven and currently performing on Broadway in Beautiful.  He was planning on visiting his parents, who still live there, before heading back to The Great White Way in time for Tuesday’s show.

I am reminded, again and again, that anything is possible with passion, perseverance and determination. In two days I was in the company of different groups of musicians sharing their accomplishments with me. I wish I had been more focused, driven, hungry in my younger years…but it’s never too late. Anything is possible. Now if I can just figure out what ‘anything’ looks like to me I’ll be on my way!

IMG_3432 (2)

Colin serving, Margie and Andrea watching the show..and staying warm


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