That’s a wrap!

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Another work week has ended, another five days of sitting at my desk quoting customers and answering questions via email and the occasional phone call. Another five days of eating lunch at my desk, a sandwich I put together in our little cafeteria that doubles as the printer room with bread, avocado and tuna bought on Monday. Each morning, at the sound of my alarm, I’ve had the same thought…..didn’t I just turn out the light and close my eyes? The evenings are more lax, less rooted in routine. I’ve been to a backyard concert, ran with Linda, eaten dinner with Bill, had my toes painted and packed.

I’ve posted here about my trip to FL this weekend to see someone I haven’t seen in almost a year. After giving Bridget a huge hug when I see her the plan is to catch up with each other when she’s free (she’s attending a conference), read, exercise, lounge around the pool, cover myself in sunscreen. Scattered thunderstorms are expected everyday but the temperatures will still be in the upper 80s, maybe even 90. Florida, now I remember you… and humid one minute, deluge of rain the next, hot and humid again. I don’t mind the southern heat, will not even mind the passing thunderstorms, I’ll be savoring the break from my routine. My hair will be a curly, frizzy mess but I won’t even let that bother me. Let’s face it, my hair is always a curly mess, I only have about 5 good hair days a year, 15 if you count the days I’m at my hairdresser.

Bridget and I talk on the phone, text, email but nothing beats face to face time with my favorite people. She’s known me for years, has comforted me through two failed relationships before meeting Bill. She’s a step-mom, I was too. We’ve been on retreat together, whispering to each other in an effort to maintain silence then rehashing the whole weekend the moment we broke it. I miss our 50+ mile bike rides from her house in Branford to Chester where we’d stop at Simon’s for coffee and their sea salt baguette, four of us easily polishing off the entire loaf. Riding downhill into town was always exhilarating, cycling out of town, uphill, belly full of bread and coffee always a challenge; I’d bring up the rear every time. Bill and I can always park out that way and follow the same route but haven’t since Bridget and her husband, Pete, have moved. It seems daunting now.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend with an old friend. Work week – that’s a wrap!

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Caught mid foot scratch


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