Pacing myself when there’s no place to be

A nice aspect of my trip last weekend was the slow, easy pace. While in FL I was awake every morning by 6:30 (5:15 one morning), the whole day stretching out in front of me. I struggle to drag myself out of bed when I need to get to work but when I wasn’t on any schedule, didn’t have anywhere to be, I was up before the sun. Each morning started, more or less, with coffee, exercise, breakfast, a spell on the balcony. Each night ended with dinner and reading in bed before it was lights out. You can read about what I did in between here

IMG_3442 (2)The hotel had an 18-hole golf course on site; I’d get out there at first light to run the paved path meant for the carts. I passed and was passed by other runners, some people power walked, the lot of us shiny with sweat from the already humid conditions. Being on vacation made us all extra friendly, we nodded and smiled at one another and exchanged pleasantries.

IMG_3434 (2)

One morning, after my run, Bridget and I met at 8:30 am to walk the same route. I should have realized we wouldn’t be allowed on the course once the golfers got out there. The thought of getting clocked in the head by one of those small, white, hard balls did cross my mind (more than once) so I was prepared to duck and roll. No aversion tactics were necessary; not far into our walk we were stopped by a groundskeeper, told we couldn’t continue in the direction we were headed in but could hit “the back 9” where the course was unoccupied. We apologized for our ignorance, decided to cut our walk short and went back to the room to drink more coffee, sit on the balcony, talk more.

IMG_3441 (2)

The last morning started at 6:00 am with a 5K walk/run which got us off the course before the first tee time. It was dark when we arrived in the parking area to pick up our bib numbers and (optional) mouse ears. There was a good turnout complete with some costumed runners; tutu-wearing men and Minnie Mouse look-a-like women twirled and posed for photos. Even after spending four days together Bridget and I talked during the entire walk. There was always another something to catch up on, something I forgot to ask her about, something she meant to tell me. Thank goodness we had all day to pace ourselves.

IMG_1614 (1)

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