Bela Musana

 Bela Musana – Be the Light. The message of the evening.

We saw Griffin and Matt perform songs from their upcoming Broadway Show, Witness Uganda, under a huge tent, with 720 other people, in Branford last night. I’m not sure I’ll be able to put into words how magnificent the night was but will try to capture some small portion of their spirit here. I heard about this play from my friends, who are involved with The Legacy Theater and the Witness Uganda production, and knew it was based on Griffin’s experience trying to help educate children in Uganda.

The genesis of the show came out of a conversation between Griffin and Matt; Griffin was frustrated and questioning himself about what he was trying to accomplish and Matt taped it. That became the basis of the show and its opening scene.

To say it was inspiring to hear the two of them recount the process they’ve been going through to launch their show is an understatement. Their passion was palpable. The audience, myself included, cheered and clapped, stood up and hollered ‘yeah!’ after every song. Griffin’s story is sung by them and other performers, who have been with the show for years and who represent some of the children, in beautiful, loud, strong voices.

From the moment they took the stage they had me..and I wasn’t alone. I want to help. More evidence that talent and passion can be channeled to change the world. And to entertain as well. I’m thankful I witnessed a sampling of their show and wish them the greatest success. Matt and Griffin, see you on Broadway!

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  1. Your description was so good I felt the mood of the night and understood the emotions. I enjoyed it totally with your words without actually being there. Thanks for the enjoyment. Xo

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