A Praying Mantis walks into a warehouse

I’m not a fan of insects, don’t like them flying by my line of vision or scurrying across the floor by my feet. I like watching butterflies and bumblebees, think they’re beautiful, but don’t want either landing on me. No matter that I could crush them with the heel of my shoe or flatten them with a fly swatter, I never do; when it comes to insects and me, they always have the upper hand.

Hearing there was a praying mantis in our warehouse this afternoon I headed out there to see for myself. The overhead door was open, allowing the fresh Fall air to circulate through the warehouse, and there it was by the open dock door. I wondered how long it had taken to crawl from the ground, up the side of the building, before reaching the open overhead door and hoisting itself into the warehouse. He wasn’t that big, maybe a teenager, and his right hind leg was much shorter than the left as if it had been snapped off at the knee. He moved slowly across the carpeted floor but, not knowing their habits, that could be its normal pace.

IMG_3586 (2)

Here’s looking at you

IMG_3587 (2)

praying mantis and shipping box


up close

They’re a little creepy looking up close and I really didn’t want this one near me where it could, possibly, touch me with its praying arms. I grabbed my camera and took a few photos before getting back to work. I hoped the guys in the warehouse were keeping an eye on it and would redirect it if it got too close to our office door. I haven’t seen a praying mantis in years and was glad to see this guy. But I wouldn’t want to catch him, out of the corner of my eye, flying by or watch him crawling anywhere near my feet.


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