Post # 100

IMG_3848 (2)

At the Westport Country Playhouse

I started this blog last December with this post and here I am, publishing my 100th. At first, I didn’t have a solid plan in the direction I wanted to go, still don’t, thought I’d start writing about my struggle with restlessness and my observations on life and see where that would take me. I hoped others could relate. I’m not sure how successful I’ve been but I have rekindled my love of writing. I’ve tried to put into words what I notice as I move through my days; what I’ve learned, what I’m grateful for. I’ve wanted to chronicle the exciting and the mundane moments and pull something special out of each. I’m trying to get back into a practice, write everyday even though I don’t post it all here. I’ve started following and reading other writer’s blogs.

This tiny creative outlet has helped me realize that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I’ve written about my fantasy of selling everything I own and taking off, maybe backpacking the PCT or working on a farm. I read a lot. I read books and blogs about people’s travels around the world and feel a pang of envy. I also read about people who stay put and who have something to share about that. I’m reminded of the line “bloom where you are planted” and have come to the conclusion that I’m doing that. I’m finding the adventures I crave to curb my restlessness in a bike ride, a run or dinner with friends, a day spent with Bill, morning coffee on my deck, a trip to museum, movie or theater.

My writing may be scattered, I don’t blog solely about fashion, home improvements or craft ideas, but it has helped me feel fulfilled and content. Best of all I’m having fun. And it’s only taken me 100 posts to come to this.

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From the porch

Yesterday my feet were in Westport to see Intimate Apparel at the Westport Country Playhouse. There was a reception before the play started; we sat outside and nibbled on cheese and crackers, cookies, drank pink lemonade and iced tea. We were seated second row, center, and could see every expression on the actors’ faces however subtle. I thought the acting was excellent. I loved the set design. The stage was split into three black boxes, one was a merchant’s store, the other two bedrooms in a woman’s boarding house. They moved forward or back on the stage depending on where the action was taking place. The top half of the theater, above the three lower stages, depicted a wealthy woman’s boudoir. The main character, Esther, moved around the entire stage throughout the performance. The play, set in 1905 in lower Manhattan, looks at different aspects of love, aspects just as relevant in 2014. We stopped for dinner on our way home and made sure we were in front of the TV in time to watch “The Walking Dead.” 

IMG_3847 (2)

“do I have any cookies in my teeth?”

Another weekend over, some of it saved here to be looked back on and remembered.

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