Reading, Writing and Running

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Post Marathon – Colorado 2010

I’ve mentioned in this post and this one that I’ve been in a funk lately, feeling a little blue, not wanting to do much more than what’s necessary.There isn’t one specific thing I can point to, just life happening. I’m feeling better, settling into the shorter days and cooler temps. I ran yesterday and today, slow, first time I’ve logged back to back days in months. We also hiked a wooded path today that we haven’t been down since last year, we were the only ones out there, didn’t see another soul until we got back to the parking lot. Breathing fresh air helps, moving limbs helps, noticing the yellows, reds and oranges on the trees helps.

The universe helps too, gives me what I need when I need it. Besides publishing fictional novels and her memoir Kate Christensen has a blog and I’m always excited to read her posts; her latest one came at the perfect time for me. She equates writing to running and how her body knows, instinctively, how to do both even though it’s not always easy. There are slow, hard days and days that come easy, running-wise and writing-wise.

I also follow Elizabeth Gilbert, another author, who wrote on her blog last week, “I cannot even tell you how many plans I have “violently executed” by the seat of my pants, rather than waiting for things to be perfect. In fact, I have written every single one of my books that way — in stolen moments, as efficiently as I can, and constantly letting things slide that are not ideal.”

I try writing everyday, for this blog and for myself. I haven’t been very motivated, haven’t been posting with any regularity. Like my running I’ve been sporadic, inconsistent. I’ll write a paragraph here, a few sentences there but don’t stay focused and am easily distracted. Reading that these two women struggle at times but forge ahead helps me. They are in a different stratosphere from me but their process feels the same; cut through the muck and trust, take action. I’m doing that but it’s hard.

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  1. These are wonderful combination to keep our creative juice flowing and yes, I do lot of walking instead of running, these combination of reading, walking/running, writing have always augmented the creativity power within us…lovely thoughts.

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