Long weekends are on the horizon

I’m feeling better today. The clouds (of my mood) have shifted, letting in some light. I worked my legs and shoulders at the gym during lunch today and went back after work for some cardio; I think the secret, for me, is getting my heart rate up, getting the endorphins firing. The harder I work the better I start to feel. It doesn’t take much – running over the weekend, stair climber and arc trainer tonight. It didn’t hurt that my friend, who met me at the gym, sent me home with a large serving of lasagna she made today. Exercise helps….and so does good food.


Looking out on the horizon in Yellowstone National Park

I also like having something to look forward to, it could be a hockey game or dinner out with Bill, coffee with a friend, lunch with my family or a weekend getaway. I’ve got two of those weekends to look forward to before the year ends. I’m going to NYC with Jana and Joanne, our second girl’s weekend of the year, later this month. And, in December, Bill and I are spending two nights in Williamstown, MA. We plan on hiking, possibly in snowshoes. I made the reservation on Sunday, asked if there was snow there.

“Not yet,” the woman who took my reservation said, “but there’s a good possibility there’ll be snow when you get here.”

Bill and I poked around the Inn’s website, checked google map to see where we’ll be going. We’ll research our hiking options, wander around the internet for ideas, maybe make a tentative plan, knowing we can change it once we’re there.

Sandwiched between the two weekends, the family matriarch will fly up from FL for the Thanksgiving week. My sister and I usually spend a weekend in South Beach with our mom but the four siblings only gather together with her once a year, at Thanksgiving. Another something to look forward to. I see Fall fun on the horizon.

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