Friday night lights and grilled cheese

Friday night Bill and I went to Middletown to watch a high school football game; our friend, Tom, coaches. We’ve been to several games under the lights this season and plan on attending the big rivalry game on Thanksgiving morning. The weather’s cooperated in the past but it was cold Friday. Jana and I flanked Joanne, the three of us sat on a plaid blanket Bill keeps in the car for these occasions. We huddled in close, laid another blanket across our laps. Bill and Larry stood for most of the game, yelling at the referees when they disagreed with their calls. Lawrence and Tracy, sitting a row down, shared a blanket. We were all bundled up in hats, gloves, scarves and boots, I wore a turtleneck under my winter jacket. We spent halftime in the restroom where the heat blasted from overhead vents, warming our stiff legs and frozen feet.


photo –

After trailing by two touchdowns early in the game, Coach Tom’s team took the lead; with every touchdown scored we’d jump from our seats to high-five and yell “way to go!” Unfortunately, their opponents tied the score and went on to win in the final minutes of the game. Disappointing but still an exciting game. We hung around afterward, waited for Tom to address the team then made plans to meet at the diner down the road. I ordered my usual (diner) fare – grilled cheese with tomato on rye and french fries. There were two more ordered along with a tuna melt and reuben, all diner favorites.


Grilled cheese with tomato makes everything better

I said to Tom, “if that doesn’t cheer you up I don’t know what will.” He added a vanilla milkshake to his order, buffalo chicken wrap, and shared it with Jana and me. We talked about the game, the players, some of whom I’m getting to know, the completed passes, the incomplete ones, the offense and defense, the penalties and bad calls. Like life you win some, you lose some; hopefully you learn something from both scenarios without getting hurt too badly. I’m not sure Tom was feeling any better by the end of the night but we were warm and filled with comfort food.


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