I love a good Freak Show

Last Saturday morning I woke up in NYC with Joanne and Jana, ready for a day of food and Broadway. After lounging all morning with our cups of tea and coffee, talking about sleeping on the floor, snoring, Taylor Swift and a number of other random topics that popped into our heads we hustled to get ready and out of the apartment in time to meet Colin at Joe Allen’s.

IMG_4051 (2)We’ve been there before, it’s convenient to Broadway and serves up good food. I had curried tofu vegetable stew but will be going back for an order of french bread stuffed with mascarpone, candied walnuts and cinnamon; Colin was nice enough to let the three of us eat some of his off his plate.

After lunch, Colin went off to meet his friends and we walked over to the St. James Theater on 44th to see the musical Side Show. When I start reading a new book or sit down to watch a movie I usually know within the first few pages, first few minutes, if I’m going to like what I’m reading or seeing. I feel connected to the characters in a book right away, either love them or hate them, and am compelled to keep reading. The direction, dialogue, lighting of a movie can draw me in or repel me within a short time too. No sooner had Side Show started when I leaned over to Jana, who is one of the producers, and said “I love it!”

IMG_4056 (2)The Tattooed Lady, Three Legged Man, Geek, Fortune Teller, Bearded Lady, Lizard Man and other ‘freaks’ joined Daisy and Violet Hilton, conjoined twins, on stage. The show is a revival, based on the lives of the Hilton sisters and a winner. The opening number, “Come look at the Freaks,” the set, the lighting all drew me in immediately. I experienced a range of emotions throughout and may have even gotten teary eyed once or twice. After seeing the show I’m intrigued by the Hilton sister’s story. I’ve done some internet googling (of course) and have been invited to watch a documentary about them, which I look forward to seeing.

IMG_4060 (2)

IMG_4058 (2)By coincidence, when we exited the theater and stepped out onto the street we practically bumped into the actor, David St. Louis, who played Jake. Jana’s met him before and reintroduced herself to him. I acted just like a fan would, told him how awesome he was, asked if I could take his picture; he generously and humbly agreed and I quickly pointed and clicked. There wasn’t any time to practice what I learned in my class, no setting up the shot. After he graciously posed for me we watched him get into a dark SUV, probably to be whisked off for a bite to eat before the next performance.

IMG_4059 (2)We stopped for Chai Tea Lattes at Starbucks, split a chocolate croissant and made plans for the evening. Joanne took the train home that evening, Jana’s cousin, Pat, flew up from Richmond. When Pat arrived we walked to an Italian restaurant in the neighborhood we were staying in. I had never met Pat before but easily fell into conversations of a personal nature with her. Like the book, movie, show I can sense early on if I’m going to connect with someone.

On Sunday morning we ate brunch together, then I left the cousins and headed to Grand Central Station where I took the train home. Bill and I will be going back soon, I want him to see the Freak Show too!




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    • Yes! I love going to NYC and seeing a Broadway show. Unfortunately it isn’t cheap but it’s an easy train ride and I have friends and family who live there so I never have to spend $$ on hotels. Possible candidate for your next trip? Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for reading and commenting! Your blog inspires me. 🙂

  1. Glad you’re having fun and things are looking up. I found your blog on elizabethmeltonparsons and I saw that you were going through a hard time. Things only get better if you keep going forward. So keep on, keeping on.

    Your friend,

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