If I never see another cookie or appetizer again it’ll be too soon

Saturday afternoon, after weeks of painting Bill’s living room and family room before hosting his neighborhood’s party last Sunday; driving 350 miles round trip to PA to join my dad for a Christmas party at the facility he calls home on Monday; hanging out with my family on Christmas Eve to eat, drink, open gifts and eat some more; visiting with Bill’s family on Christmas day at the rehab center his mom, who’s ill, has been a resident of for the last 2 1/2 months, I slipped between my flannel sheets and took a much-needed nap. Accidentally setting the alarm on my cell phone for AM rather than PM I slept for two hours before a phone call roused me out of my deep slumber.


getting ready for neighborhood party


a few appetizers

We had one more get together to attend on Sunday, a birthday party for Bill’s aunt at his cousin’s house. There were appetizers galore at all of these parties; I’ve been eating cheese and crackers, chips with crab dip and guacamole, nachos, hummus, olives and a host of other finger foods that were easily consumed in larger quantities than necessary. And there was no shortage of desserts. I bake several kinds of cookies every year and bring trays or tins of them when invited somewhere. Besides my cookies there was cheesecake, brownies and pies, a tin of sugared mixed nuts, a Tupperware tub of pretzel and rolo treats; wherever I was I took the proffered dessert as it was being passed around the room.

IMG_4290 (2)

Christmas Day with Bill’s family

I managed to run three of the four mornings I was home. Bill bought me a new Garmin and I was eager to get out there and start tracking my mileage again. I haven’t run back to back days in months and was tired by the third day; it was a good tired, the best tired. I’ve got another four-day weekend coming up and plan on running every day. I took a spin class tonight and should get a couple of weight lifting days in too. My clothes are tighter than they were a couple of months ago, pinch a little around the waist, I’m slowly easing back into my exercise regime.

IMG_4201 (2)


IMG_4204 (2)

fudge and toffee bark

Sunday night, as we walked out of Bill’s cousin’s house, the season’s parties had officially come to a close. I refused all offers of food, the extra cookies are zipped up in bags and stacked in the freezer. I lay in bed with an aching belly looking forward to resuming my diet of oatmeal, eggs, salads topped with tuna or avocado, bean and vegetable filled soups.

We don’t have any big plans for New Year’s Eve, will probably cook a simple but welcome dinner of fish, vegetable, rice at home and binge watch Season 2 of House of Cards. If I take a nap early in the day my chances of staying up to ring in 2015 will increase. If not, I hope to have sweet dreams of what’s to come.

Happy New Year!

8 replies

  1. well I just set up my blog “modernmargie” and was looking to try it out when I came upon your beautiful
    tray of cookies. Some looked familiar so I stopped. You had quite a busy time and your treats were
    something like ours. Funny how Christmas, besides being “what it is” it seems to be all about eating,
    preparing foods and trying to ad every goody we’ve ever bad. Old standbys then adding all the new
    things we come across. Oh how much am I supposed to blog, I’ll call “Julie” my granddaughter who
    is a whiz at all of this and get her opinion.

  2. If you go to bed early. Happy and healthy New Year, to you and Bill and his family. Hope to see you soon. Love Auntie

    • I am at my cookie and appetizer limit….today. Who knows how I’ll feel tomorrow when the New Year will need to be celebrated. 🙂 There might be one more day of overindulgence. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  3. I picked the wrong time to read your post, Geralyn. I’m fasting this morning before my annual physical and your photos are making my stomach growl! 🙂 I run five miles every day and I love it. It’s a great way to ease the stress of the day and you feel great afterward. Wishing you and your family peace and joy in the New Year!

    • Jill, you’re brave to schedule a physical right after the holidays! 🙂 I love to run and used to be much more disciplined about getting out there most days. I need to get that discipline back, I agree running is good for the soul and body. Look forward to reading your blog in the New Year. Best to you and your family!

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