Just a bump in the road

In borrowed snow shoes last winter

We’re headed north to VT on Friday night with two other couples. According to NOAA the temperature will dip to 4 degrees on Saturday but warm up to 20 degrees during the day, same high for Sunday, not much colder than the weather in CT these last few days.

Bill and I are excited to break in our new snow shoes. After our first excursion hitting the trails in borrowed shoes last year Bill surprised me with my own pair for my birthday. Not to be left in the snow dust he also bought himself a pair. We’ll be staying in a condo on Mt Ascutney; the slopes are closed but trails are open and I’m looking forward to exploring the grounds. In celebration of a milestone birthday among us a special meal – I’ve been asked if I eat shrimp – will be prepared on Saturday night by Larry, chef extraordinaire.

My plans include reading, writing, relaxing; I’ve packed yoga pants and slippers along with turtleneck, hat, boots and mittens. Oh, and eating dessert, laughing until my face hurts, filling up on the comfort of old friends who know me well.

Weekend in Vermont

Snowshoeing in VT last year


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    • Thanks, Jill. Wait until you see my new ones! 🙂 So pretty!!

      BTW, I’ve been going back and reading your older blog posts. Sincerely impressed with your writing. And, read the posts about your flood. I can so relate!

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