I dreamed of Africa

IMG_4413 (2)Plans are underway for our photo safari in South Africa; we’ve confirmed a spot for mid September. Bill’s been emailing back and forth with our contact in Africa who sent us a spreadsheet of accommodation options and availability. We have a choice of staying in one of two lodges or a tent. Since this is Bill’s Christmas gift I left the decision up to him; he went with the tent which is described as having all the comforts of a luxury camp. We were surprised to see several weeks already booked for the lodges, the schedule for the tents wide open. Bill started second guessing his choice, thought we should reconsider and stay in a lodge but I convinced him to go with his first instinct. So, a tent it is.

There’s still lots to do between now and September: flights to book, extra excursions to plan, shots to get. We’ll land in Johannesburg and see the sights there for a day or two before continuing our journey to Kwa-Zulu Natal.

IMG_4414 (2)

The animal figurines and camo truck I bought at the party store as part of Bill’s gift are arranged on his sideboard as a daily reminder of our upcoming adventure. I learned a long time ago I’m happier when I’ve got something to look forward to, coffee with a friend, dinner out, a movie, a weekend away. I’ve got a few weekend trips already planned over the next few months, now I can add a September vacation to the mix.


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  1. The visuals are too cute! Exciting! Quite an adventure and of course as usual Mom is thinking “be careful in the tent” LOL

  2. That stuff always makes me happy too. 🙂 Sept is pretty far off, but wow, the excitement of having that to look forward to and plan for. I’d be over the moon. Does this mean that sometime towards the end of the year we’ll be seeing some great photos from the trip?

    • I think the anticipation of doing something is sometimes just as much fun! BIll was wondering why I was taking a photography class and why I want to buy a DSLR….he knows now! 🙂 Thanks Elizabeth.

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