Run, Rest, Run

My scratchy throat was accompanied by an upset stomach on Sunday afternoon. After a slippery six-mile run that should have been postponed from the morning until the afternoon when the day inched above freezing, I didn’t move much; I showered and sat on the couch in front of the TV. Later, we went out for an hour or so to get a few errands done; when we got home I headed straight for the couch, this time laying under a blanket, in front of the TV. I dozed a little but rallied enough to eat the fish, rice and asparagus Bill had cooked. I couldn’t refuse but I didn’t eat seconds, a sure sign I’m not feeling well.

IMG_0082 (4)

Me, another time, but I looked like this on Sunday at Bill’s

I still use a pocket calendar, it usually has an appointment jotted down in each little box designating the day of the week. I had commitments Monday and Tuesday during lunch but no firm plans for the evenings. I decided to skip spin class Monday night, came straight home, changed into sweats and lounged in my bedroom most of the night, emerging only to heat up escarole and bean soup I had in the fridge.

I got up and ran this morning, only three miles; my stomach was better but my throat’s still scratchy. The sneezing started later in the day, the occasional cough did too. I wouldn’t say I’m sick; I would say I’m fighting something. For the second night in a row I came home straight from work. I heated up some leftovers, made a cup of hot chocolate and am back in my sweats, back in my bedroom, relaxing.

I hope this is the worst I’m going to feel, hope I’m on the upswing. I’ve got six miles to run in the morning, with a friend I haven’t seen in months, and don’t plan on skipping it. I plan on getting another good night’s sleep, another full eight hours. This, like not going out after work, isn’t the norm. But, I know my body, know when it’s time to rest. This is one of those times.



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  1. Oh, I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, Geralyn. I can tell I’m fighting something as well, sneezing, achy.
    You inspired me, this weekend I ran seven miles on Saturday and eight on Sunday. Today when I got home from work, I was only able to run six.
    Oh my gosh! We have that same blanket from your photo. Actually, we have two and I’m nuzzled under one as I type this. If I recall, I purchased them at Kohls. Feel better! xo

  2. Geri..Don’t make light of what you have. There’s too much junk going around these days. I’m glad you are listening to your body. Please don’t run if you are not up to it. You have a lot more days torun. Take care of yourself. Love Auntie

  3. Yes that’s why I’m telling you to cool it. Take care of yourself first. You have a lot more years you can run. Love ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊😊

  4. I think you’re impressive running at all when you feel that way! The tiniest scratch on my throat is my cue to drop to the sofa until further notice. On another note, I’m glad I’m not the only human left on earth who still uses a paper calendar – I have tried to switch to keeping it all on my computer/phone a gazillion times and it just doesn’t work!

    • I ran Tuesday and Weds but have been out for the count the rest of the week! Hoping to have some energy back by the weekend. Yup, I still use the old paper calendar….as I don’t have a smart phone. Thanks for reading and commenting, Claire!

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