The women on my father’s side

After work on a frigid Friday night in January my sister and I met in a commuter lot along I-95 in Branford; from there we drove to Old Saybrook to meet my cousin and aunts, my dad’s brother’s wives. We were five; Liz, Dee, Aunt Maryann (Dee’s mom), Aunt Kathleen and me. When the server brought our drinks, after consulting with the others, I rattled off a list of Tapas we wanted to try: shrimp and scallop stuffed mushrooms, meatballs, fried calamari, tempura string beans, fries.

Listening to their stories I realized what a strong group of women we were. My aunt, now retired, owned a clothing boutique for many years before managing a popular woman’s clothing store. My other aunt is an engineer and works at the sub base in Groton. My cousin and sister are both professionals with long careers in their chosen fields. I know they’ve had their ups and downs with jobs, work, career; haven’t always been happy, but I believe, at this moment in time, they’re satisfied.

I stumbled into my career when I was still in my teens, have had some success, been able to support myself, although there were lean times along the way. I’m grateful for the work but wouldn’t say I’m satisfied. I’m reaching out, exploring, networking. In the meantime, I go to work everyday and remember the strength of the women in my family.


Dad’s side of the family


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