The Show Must Go On

We spent a majority of last week at Bill’s dad’s house with the rest of his family. Tears were shed, laughs shared, stories told. They gave their wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother a beautiful sendoff; I’m sure she loved it. Friends wanted to extend their condolences and express their love by feeding the family, nourishing them through this difficult time: my mom sent me over one morning with bagels, cream cheese, fruit and yogurt: Bill’s office had trays of chicken, fish, pasta, lasagna, salad, string beans, fruit and a box of brownies, lemon squares, raspberry bars delivered: a neighbor knocked on the door with a hot casserole: Bill’s brother came home with a cold cut platter, home-baked cake, tower of chocolate covered pretzels and cookies from a local chocolatier. We were well fed while we mourned.

The days leading up to Bill’s mom’s passing were like the proverbial roller coaster – up one minute, down the next. But, I got to know Bill’s family better, spent time with nieces and nephews I hadn’t spent much time with before. Everyone came together, stayed close and will continue to do so.

IMG_4479 (2)

Love, Murder and Madness – Lucia

Prior to last week Bill and I had planned on spending this past weekend in NYC to see his daughter play in the orchestra of an opera; I thought we might catch a matinée of Kinky Boots too. We decided to go in on Sunday to catch the last performance of Lucia. We took the 12:37 train into Grand Central and walked to the church the opera was being performed in. It was my first, sung in Italian with English translations projected onto a screen. The performers, all non-paid volunteers, were phenomenal. The vocal range and range of emotions elicited from the singers and orchestra made the subtitles almost unnecessary (although I still read every line of them). I was reminded again of the abundance of local talent and how fortunate I am to be exposed to it.

IMG_4477 (2)

The orchestra getting ready to start

After the show the three of us got a quick bite before Casey headed off to the cast party. Bill and I caught the 7:34 train home. When we pulled into the station there was 4 or 5″ of snow accumulated and more falling. Bill brushed off the car and drove carefully to his house. I got up extra early this morning, drove home to shovel my sidewalk and driveway and get ready for work. There’s snow everywhere, mounds and piles of it. I had a hard time knowing where to throw this fresh batch. I think there’s a little more on the way tomorrow, too.




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  1. It sounds like the past week has been somewhat of a whirlwind for you and Bill. I’m happy everyone was able to come together to say goodbye to Bill’s mother. I’m sure she’ll be missed. More snow? Say it isn’t so, Geralyn. You need to move south! 🙂

    • Thanks Jill. It felt good to be with Bill’s family and support his dad despite the reason we got together. Hopefully, we’ll all get together again soon ‘just because.’ I am so, so, so tired of shoveling snow! There’s just nowhere to put it. It’s hard to believe that it’ll all melt before June! 🙂 Hmmm, moving south sounds good!!

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