Until next year, Mt Ascutney

We got up early and drank a quick cup of coffee on Easter Sunday, giving us enough time to hike to the top of Mt Ascutney before we were due to leave. Allocating two hours for our round trip up the mountain, Bill and I sat on the steps outside the condo and pulled spikes on over our hiking shoes. We crossed a small bridge, passed the charred lodge which sadly caught fire this past winter, and headed up.


The lodge, where my friends had many warm cups of hot chocolate, burned down earlier in the year.

It was windier than expected, we hurried out of the open, into the tree-lined trails, for protection. Up we hiked. The mountain, no longer operational as a ski resort, still has visitors like us; we traipsed over packed-down trails where signs of an ATV had driven up and skiers had come down. We followed foot prints, dog prints too. Stopping occasionally after a steep climb we marveled at the mountains in the distance. It was early, quiet, peaceful, beautiful.

IMG_4609 (2)

Stopping for a rest and a photo

IMG_4612 (2)

Another stop, another photo

We made frequent stops to catch our breath and take in our surroundings. Bill and I didn’t talk much, a rare occurrence on my part. I prefer quiet when out in the woods, I find it soothing, meditative. I don’t remember what I thought about but felt calm and content, no monkey mind. I wore a watch, kept track of our time. A little over an hour later we stopped just shy of the top, needing to start back. We were a little disappointed, having gotten so close, but didn’t want to be late; we both had plans with family for Easter dinner. Our vow of reaching the top would have to wait until next year. Until then.

IMG_4610 (2)

Almost at the top

IMG_4617 (2)

Bill broke through the snow which was still up to his knees





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4 replies

    • The lodge burned down the day before one of our trips there in January. My friends were very upset so I didn’t post about it on our last two visits. It looks like they may be getting ready to tear it down, at least I hope so. On a good note, our last weekend up there was a beautiful one! Thanks, Jill.

    • We had fun on our last trip of the season. Yes, very sad that the lodge burned down. I’ll be curious to see what it looks like next winter. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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