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circa 1990?

A few months ago I overheard a conversation between a young girl and older woman. The teenage girl’s hair was dyed a vibrant shade of emerald at the roots, teal at the ends and fuchsia in between. Her nose, lip and eyebrow were pierced; she looked like a lot of girls her age.

The older woman, her grandmother maybe, dressed in jeans and a sweater pressed a finger to her chest and said, “don’t think there’s not a tattooed, pierced girl in here. Just because I look like this doesn’t mean I’m not like you inside.” The girl graced the woman with a small smile as they walked off.

I thought about how I see myself, how others see me, how I really am. I thought of this post I wrote over a year ago and not much has changed. I don’t know if my insides will ever completely sync up to my outside. I know I’m honest and outspoken, funny and intense, clumsy, impatient and a big pain in the backside at times. I may wear slacks, dresses, jackets and heels to work most days but there’s still a young girl inside who wore boots, leather, black everything and shaved her head once. The magic is in embracing all of it.

Anybody else feel this way?

IMG_4648 (2)

I came home from a trip to London and Scotland with a very short haircut

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  1. In looking for something else I found my old hippie pictures. OMG! Those were the days! Long hair parted in the middle, lots of beads, sandals, bizarre clothes. I am still the same nonconformist even if my outside has somehow conformed without my consent.

  2. Yes I do. Lots of fun. You look great with that haircut. Also very young. Do u feel tempted to do it again when u see yourself? What year was that?

  3. Should looked great with that haircut than and I’m you would look great with it today.
    Be dareful try it again. The great thing about hair it always grows back.

  4. Correction
    You looked great with that haircut than and I’m sure you would look great with it today.

  5. I have fond memories of a Canary yellow swing coat I wore with enthusiasm ‘back then’. I don’t know that I would like to see the photographic evidence of it, but the thought still makes me smile. I’m out with ‘the girls’ tonight, and we are all well into our 60s. (hush, should I have said that? Don’t tell! 🙂 )

    • Ha, ha. I used to wear a pair of bright yellow leather boots that kind of slouched around my calf. (My sister had the same pair in pink). I think I might still have mine in the depths of my closet. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your night out with the girls! No worries, your secret is safe with me.

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