Low on energy



Energy. I’ve heard the word used several times this week in different contexts with different people, strange since I’ve been lacking my usual supply. There have been some financial surprises (in addition to the locksmith’s fee), illness in the family, frustrations at work, a gust of wind that caught the deck umbrella just right and knocked over my table, shattering the glass top into a million little pieces, most of which wedged between the deck slats and had to be picked out with a metal bar before I could vacuum them up. Much needed rain arrived on Sunday afternoon and hung around until Tuesday, bringing with it cooler temps. Any one or two or three of these events could happen any other week and I’d be fine. This week, they’ve affected my overall mood. I’m low on energy. I’ve written very little, read a bit more, watched some TV, accepted I’m not at my best.

Last night I made breakfast for dinner, egg over easy on pumpernickel toast with avocado and tomato, met a friend for coffee, came home and lit some candles. As I sat writing this quick post, the subtle scent of vanilla and gardenia, coaxed from the melting wax, wafted through the air. I’m being gentle with myself and know that this too shall pass.

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  1. I’ve had the same problem with my umbrella, even with the stand that is supposed to keep the thing firmly planted. Yikes! But I have to say, your dinner sounds wonderful. I love avocado and tomato together, so this is something I’ll try for sure.

    • HI Renee! I was working in the yard when it happened. I thought to myself ‘I should close the umbrella, it’s a little windy out,’ then promptly went back to mulching. The noise! My neighbor came running out and helped me clean it up. I’ll be buying a new table this weekend. I love my breakfast (or dinner) combo! 🙂

    • Thanks Jill. The same thing happened to Bill’s co-worker the other week. I’ll be shopping for a new table this weekend. I haven’t used the deck all week even though there are other chairs out there (it’s been cool here). Hmmm, maybe that’s why my energy’s low! Have a good weekend..hope your writing is going well.

  2. I’ve had the same kind of week energy wise and have been attributing it to the drastic change in weather. We went from upper 80s to upper 50s in a day. My body wanted to go back into hibernation stage. The great thing about these events is that they do pass. Some sun, some heat and life pops back into action.

  3. I am telling myself. This too shall pass and what a difference a day makes. Hope today is the day to make a difference. The body does not lie. You have been on overdrive. We have to listen to it and recharge and refill our gas tank however we know best. Thinking of you Ger! xo

    • Thanks, Sylvia. Looking forward to the weekend. It’s rare, but we don’t have any plans which is a nice break. And we are dog sitting a 6 month old corgi so that should help my energy level!

  4. And this too shall pass – for whatever the reason we get hit with moods. But you are also one heck of a busy woman and energy gets drained. Hope this weekend you can rest up, get refreshed by a new patio table and spend time in the garden. Take good care Geralyn!

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