Who’s been eating in my (garden) bed

IMG_4834 (2)

Baby bunny helping him(her)self to some daisy leaves

Every morning and every night, for the most part, I carry out the same ritual. In the morning while I wait for the water to boil for my french press coffee, and evenings, no matter what time I get home, I open my back door, step onto my deck and take a stroll around my backyard. I check for vegetable and flower growth, water if necessary and look for the baby bunny who’s taken up residency here. I’ve seen a large rabbit in my neighbor’s yard, maybe the baby is her offspring.

At first, I’d catch a glimpse of a bunny’s behind diving under the deck whenever I went outside, but it must be comfortable with me now. As long as I keep a wide berth I can move around my deck and yard without disturbing its meal time. Yesterday, it looked right at me and continued eating the leaves of my purple Echinacea, which are on the verge of flowering. By the looks of its narrow stature and lower leaf absence the bunny has targeted one plant in particular. I wish he’d eat the weeds in my garden beds, save me the trouble of pulling them out, but they must not have as much flavor as my flowers.

IMG_4832 (2)

There’s a bunny in the middle of the Salvia. Can you spot it?


Blending in with the mulch

Either the bunny hasn’t seen the pots of lettuce all around him, or he prefers another variety, because they’ve remained intact, uneaten. Lucky for me. Last night, I snipped the outer leaves of the red leaf, green leaf and red romaine lettuce and used it to make a salad for lunch today. The crisp leaves snapped when I tore them into smaller pieces. This is my second harvest, we had salad with dinner Wednesday night. Delicious. As long as the bunny keeps in compliance with the yard rules I’ll be harvesting lettuce all summer.

IMG_4815 (2)

Lettuce, last week

IMG_4844 (2)

Lettuce, last night. Picked and rinsed.

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  1. What great pictures. I could hear the lettuce crunch here it looks so crispy. Happy Eating to you and the cute bunny too!

  2. You have a beautiful yard! For me the outdoors is therapy. When I worked I had the same ritual, checking out things and checking for damage and critters. So much cheaper than psychoanalysis and healthier than booze.

    • I agree, Kate, great (cheap) therapy. I love coming home and checking to see what grew from the morning. Thanks for the compliment on my yard. Your gardens and pond and yard are amazing so it’s much appreciated!

  3. Although the bunnies can be a little destructive in the garden, they are cute. We have them all over our yard. Last year Derek was very upset after he planted some flowers, I forget what they were, but the next morning, all that remained were the stems. 🙂 Your lettuce looks yummy, Geralyn! Happy Weekend!

    • That would upset me, too. I planted sugar snap peas last fall and they looked great until something came along and ate them all, right down to their roots. I’m all for sharing but no hogging. There’s been a cat hanging around my yard for the last week, I think it’s probably tracking the bunny. Nature! Have a great weekend, too!

  4. Ohhhhh, I’m so jealous of your fresh lettuce and other garden stuff. I wish I had purple echinacea. Sounds wonderful. And hopefully your furry friend doesn’t eat it all up on you.
    Have a great weekend Geralyn.

  5. Believe it or not he was hard to spot w/o the arrow. Tom really enjoyed the blog. He said you did such a good job planting. Everything looks so beautiful. Tom

  6. What a sweet little guy to be sharing your bounty with. He/she must be a very healthy little bunny. I hope he/she doesn’t become a pest. Isn’t it amazing how much better fresh lettuce tastes than that stuff in a bag? Lovely photos!

    • I agree! I’ve been eating a salad everyday with fresh lettuce and spinach. It’s so delicious! We went strawberry picking yesterday and the berries are red all the way through, not white like the ones in the store. I wish the season was longer for strawberries. At least I’ll be eating fresh greens all summer (I hope). As long as the cute little bunny doesn’t get to them first.

  7. I empathize. Wild rabbits seem to have huge appetites. I used to curse the clover growing right in our lawn – till I realized that it kept the bunnies from coming into my husband’s vegetable garden. They seem to love clover.
    Your garden looks very pretty!

  8. Oh, you grow your own lettuce! How wonderful! And your pictures are beautiful. How rich you must feel at having such a gorgeous garden. I love bunnies, but like you I would worry for my veggies. Perhaps you should grow some clover. As Cynthia notes, the bunnies love that and perhaps a clover bed will keep them away from your lettuce 🙂

    • I’ve had a tiny vegetable garden for years but first time growing lettuce and it’s so good! I just cut what I need for the day. Unfortunately, I spotted the bunny in my garden this morning near the swiss chard (I’m sure he was helping himself). I may need a bed of clover after all. Thanks!!

    • I wish the bunny would at least try the weeds before deciding my flowers and vegetables taste better. That would be a win/win. 🙂 Yup, I caught him amidst the swiss chard and spinach this morning. When I went out there he moved out of the way but didn’t scamper off. Guess we’re still sharing!

  9. Yes, I am sure your bunny knows all about Peter Rabbit; lettuce makes a rabbit sleepy, so best avoided. 😀 Besides who wouldn’t enjoy your beautiful flower garden.

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