Under the big tent

11221894_10153628781117448_5470374074031759389_nDriving on the highway through New Haven during rush hour to get to the Owenego Club in Branford on a Thursday night in the summer is as hectic as it sounds. Traffic backed up about 4 miles from where I-91 merges with I-95; cars inched along in their lanes, motorcycles roared by between lanes and the occasional maverick would cut in front of the car in the neighboring lane to get that much closer to their destination. Once over the Q bridge, which took way longer than it should, we were cautioned with another sign warning of a three-mile back up. Fortunately, I got off exit 54, just before the slow down.

I was on my way to the beach club for another night of Broadway. Matt and Griffin were back accompanied by Eden Espinosa who played Elphaba in Wicked on Broadway for seven years, Kate Ladner who’s credits include Off-Broadway Heathers the Musical and Kacie Sheik who played Jeanie in the revival of Hair. It was a gorgeous night to spend by the water, under the big tent in support of the Legacy Theater. By the end of the night I had slipped into my blazer to ward off the tiniest chill.

The show didn’t disappoint. Matt, the evening’s host, accompanied each performer on the piano and playfully encouraged them to share some personal information about their successes and reason for choosing the songs they sang. Like last year, we were an enthusiastic crowd, clapping and singing along. Before I knew it the ninety minute performance was over and I was out of my chair, talking to people I hadn’t seen before the show started.

A friend and I were talking about upcoming trips. When I reminded her Bill and I were going on a South African Safari she called her friend over. Turns out the friend of my friend, and her daughter, took the exact same trip last year; they also got it through a fundraiser auction. They took the same flight we’re taking, spent the day in Johannesburg sight-seeing like we are and flew to Cape Town for a few days after the safari, just like us. They went mid October, we’re going the last two weeks in September. They stayed in the main lodge, we chose a tent.

I asked lots of questions, they volunteered lots of information, offered some suggestions. I want Bill and I to have our own fresh experience but was happy to hear how much they loved the trip and what a positive experience they had with the tour agent.

On Saturday I was chatting with my tenant and shared some of the details of our trip. I’m sure she’s told me before, it didn’t stick, that she spent 9 months studying abroad near Cape Town. A South African vacation was never on my radar until the night of the auction. And now that it is people who have been there are circling. I love how the universe works! 


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  1. It sounds like it was a great night all around, Geralyn. Derek and his family spent time in South African. His father lived there for a period of time as he worked on his PhD. I’m so excited for you and Bill! I can wait to see pictures!

    • Thanks, Jill. I’ve known we were taking this trip since the auction April 2014. Now that we’re only two months away I’m getting excited!! Bill bought a new camera to take pictures with.

  2. I’m sure your South African trip will be wonderful. It’s always nice to speak to people who’ve experienced it before you, and get a few hints and tips. Sounds like you all had a great evening under the tent. 🙂

    • Thanks, Sylvia. Getting very excited about our trip! Since I bid on the safari at an auction, not knowing anything about it, I was very happy to meet someone who’s been. I know someone who spent a week in Cape Town two years ago. She sent me her daily itinerary so we have some ideas of what to see there, too. It’s all coming together.

  3. That is so out there Ger that all these people are circling your world with info and good feedback on your upcoming trip. That is great! Takes some of the butterflies away!

  4. Synchronicity! Isn’t it grand? That trip is right around the corner. You must be getting very excited. I can’t wait to see the pics and hear the stories.

    • The world seems to work that way, doesn’t it? I’ve got something on my radar and, all of a sudden, I get encouragement and reinforcement from places I hadn’t known about before. Oh, there will be pictures! 🙂

  5. I’m so excited for you to be going on this trip. It really is one of a lifetime. And I do believe people show up when we need them to with just the right advice and tips. I can’t wait to read all about it.

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