It’s not a hill, it’s an opportunity

One summer, several years ago, a group of us met after work for an early evening run. My friend, Steve, led the way; we obediently followed. I don’t recall our exact route but remember running along Main Street before turning onto Dunbar Hill Road and Mountain Road. A pattern quickly emerged and we were quick to complain. We were hot and sweaty, getting hotter and sweatier with every hill we pulled ourselves up.

“Another hill!” one of us would exclaim. I’m sure I followed up with a couple of four letter words.

“It’s not a hill, it’s an opportunity,” Steve shot back at us.

“Thanks, Steve!”

This banter continued throughout our entire run, which probably lasted at least an hour and a half. We’d complain about the hills, Steve would remind us it was an opportunity, we’d thank him, in unison. We joked about our mantra for days.

I’m not sure what made me think of this recently but it was in relation to something else going on in my life. Another challenge that seemed like a hill too steep to surmount. No, an opportunity. Like those hills, I’ll run up, catch my breath on the downside, steel myself and run back up the next one. At the top I’ll look around and see the opportunity. Thanks, Steve.

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  1. So funny Geralyn, because we run a couple times a week (only 3 miles, but it’s something). And, being that we are touching 100 degrees we run in the morning, but those hills – I’ve not seen them as an opportunity, more like . . . but I still do it. Grumbling,

    • Wow, Mary. I don’t blame you for grumbling. It hasn’t reached 100 degrees here but still very hot after work. I usually run early mornings, before work. There was a group that used to meet after work on Thursdays but it’s since disbanded. Probably because it’s too hot!

      • We just got done about an hour ago – it’s tough out there, but did it. We were just talking about maybe running really early in the morning, sort of beating the heat.

  2. Excellent analogy Ger. Will come in handy to help me through the many hills I am encountering. Thanks. Xo Mom

  3. Ger, I remember that day well. I wasn’t so much trying to share a killer route but rather the blessing of beautiful Vistas at the top. You would never think you are in Hamden. Love running that area. – steve

  4. Hahaha. I think I like this Steve. He’s got a great outlook on things, it seems. I used to give physical conditioning classes and I always used to say that age-old thing, ‘no pain, no gain’. The unfortunate thing is that it’s often the truth. Ugh! I guess we should get used to the hills eh.
    Hope you’re having a great week Geralyn.

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